Baghdad: Continuous Development of BIP Trainers by ALOLA Org. in Wasit.

The ALOLA Organization (ALOLA) is one of Business Innovation Program partners and have with the Youth Directorate of Wasit organized Development Training for BIP Trainers.

The leader of Alola Org, Layla Mahdi and the Manager of Youth Directorate of Wasit opened the training with a short speech and said “Innovation Programs are the only way to move forward and build a bright future. Trainers are our hands and the deciding factor to provide tools and materials to participants at trainings.”

27 BIP certified trainers and new trainers participated in the development training in Wasit (East South Baghdad, km 180) during the period 1-3, May 2018. 8 women and 19 men attended the event and had positive responses to all activities throughout the training.

Work ethics, perfect management and follow-up were the main topics in the training.

Guests from local government and Business Women visited the course and held a speech for all trainers. The representative for local government told “Such training is the only way to follow the changes which happen around us”.

The leader of Business Women in Wasit told participants “Women have good skills and plenty of ideas, therefore they need many kind of abilities to bring out and show their skills”.