Erbil; ALOLA, PAO and BIP discussing and updating project information.

At the of start of 2019, BIP and project partners met in Erbil and discussed the work done for the past two years. At the same time, we talked about future projects. Jobseekers, official employees, women, IDPs, refugees, teachers and students are our target groups.

ALOLA Manager Altmimi said that; “Today we work with two important groups; women and youth. We had a successful cooperation with The Ministry of Education in Baghdad. This made us start with the Student Enterprises Program which involved 20 teachers from 10 schools and 200 students in the 2018 program. We look forward to extending our program in the next years to all cities in Iraq.”

PAO Manager Hoger Chito talked about the future strategic project “Student Enterprises”. He meant that this project is important for all Iraqi students in order to learn how to establish their own jobs. At the same time, it is considered a supportive factor for IDPs and returnees.

The project manager at BIP, Hussein Tahir, talked about the future of the different projects and about system changes on how to deal with new project applications in Norway.

All partners agreed that Student Enterprises is a very important program in establishing jobs. Therefore, we look forward to continuing with the project in the future.