TOT Program in Erbil: New BPD Trainers for PAO and Student Enterprises.

The first workshop “BPD” for the “Training of Trainers” (ToT) program was led by BIP Project Manager Dr. Hussein Tahir. This training was for 12 new trainers, 10 for PAO to support BPD training in the camps and two for the Student Enterprises Program. The training was held in Erbil on 17-20 July 2018.

BIP Manager Dr Hussein Tahir starts a new ToT program for BIP projects in Erbil.

This training is one of an important part of support for BIP projects in Iraq. The total number of BPD trainers is growing as the training needs over all Iraq increase. The trainers came from Duhok, Erbil, Suly and The Ministry of Education.

Team and individual work are two main methods in BIP training.

PAO manager Hoger Cheto attended the training and spoke on the opening day and during the training’s other days. He expressed the PAO leadership’s thanks to BIP and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry for a fruitful project. He expressed that Kurdish Regional Government mean that BPD trainings will be one of main trainings in the area to establish new small businesses and create new jobs.

PAO management told how important these trainings are for future plans.