Erbil; After immense success in Camps, Entrepreneurship is wished for by young people.

A BIP delegation visited Erbil from June 28 until July 7. The main goal was to follow up BPD trainings in the camp for IDPs and refugees. BIP’s local partner PAO has already started a cooperation with the Ministry of Education in KRG to transfer BIP skills to young people. Therefore, the two partners made a seminar about organizing youth entrepreneurship (SE), and how to prepare young people to be involved in the set-up and operation of enterprises and small businesses. How teachers can prepare to take the lead in their schools to be trainers leaders of (BPD) was also covered. BIP Erbil staff, PAO involved staff and managers, as well as key school personnel attended the seminar.

BIP, in cooperation with the Public Aid Organization, organized a Seminar about the youth entrepreneurial projects and small businesses in junior high schools and reviewed the factors that must be available in nationally and locally to lead to the success of such projects. Training workshop included such important topics and addressed difficulties analyzing skills in small projects, in addition to reviewing the experience of the projects for young people in Norway. PAO and the attendants agreed to organize and manage a training course of (BPD) for the selected teachers next September to prepare them to become trainers in their schools in line with proposed project.

The training workshop was held in Chwarchra hotel on 1st July 2017, when many teachers & managers of secondary schools in Erbil city attended.