From Erbil:

Student Entrepreneurship Program.

After the approval by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Kurdistan region to implement the Youth Entrepreneurship project, that prepares young people to be involved in the operation of enterprises and small businesses, in high schools as a pilot project, and the selection of 10 high schools in Erbil governorate, two teachers from each school were selected to define the program and showcase experiences gained in this area.

At another stage of the program, a training course was organized for teachers selected for training and preparation to be ready to play a leading role and spread the information gained at this session to the students. The purpose of this is so that the culture of small enterprises will be spread among the young so that they can be self-reliant and gain confidence and take the initiative to start small projects.

After selecting the names of pupils wishing to participate in the Youth Entrepreneurship project, Business Plan Development courses have been organized in selected schools by teachers who have acquired the necessary training in this area. Students’ projects varied from one school to another, where the ideas presented by them differed in terms of the ideas put forward and included ideas on recycling projects, handicrafts, sewing, and other projects.