Meeting in Baghdad; ALOLA, PAO and BIP discussions plus updating project information.

In 2018 BIP and its project partners have been working toward various target groups; jobseekers, official employees, youth, women, IDPs, refugees, teachers and students.

The main purpose of the meeting in Baghdad was to reach the highest level of cooperation between BIP partners, ALOLA and PAO in the Student Enterprises and developing BIP trainer skills.

The project manager at BIP talked about the different projects and how they are going with the following up process. It is not enough to have only the trainings and implementation of programs as planned. The most important goal is to get people in work and make them establish their own business.

ALOLA Manager Altmimi confirmed “BIP certified trainers are doing well in the different projects, and we are working with developing to get them ready for high quality programs. Today, we have trainers in all parts of Iraq, and the Women Entrepreneurship project is going very well with good following up process. We had a successful cooperation with The Ministry of Education in Baghdad. This made us start the Student enterprises Program this year. 20 teachers from 10 schools are involved in the 2018 program. We look forward to extending our program in the next years.”

PAO Manager Hoger Chito talked about the cooperation with BIP and ALOLA and are considering the future strategic project “Student Enterprises”. They mean this project can be a key step for the Iraqi school system to establish new job places. The Camp Project is one of the trainings done to qualify IDPs, Refugees and Yezidi women. This program will impact the near future of these people. In this program we have more than 10 well-known organizations in cooperation to supply BIP training participants with equipment and tools to start up their own business..

All partners agreed that Student Enterprises is a very important program for establishing job places.