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Cookies are good for you

Cookies in general

Cookies (aka information capsules) are used by every web site on the Internet.

More about what cookies are and what types of cookies there are:

Important basics

Cookies do not identify you. They are linked to the web browser used to visit our web site.

We use cookies to improve our web site.

Using our web site implies that you accept how we use of cookies.

Cookies can be deleted and/or turned off in your web browser.

We cannot turn off cookies for you. If you want to delete them or turn them off, you must do it on each device you use to access the Internet and in each web browser you use.

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Improving our web site

If cookies are turned off in a web browser, the experience on our web site will be less than optimal. This is because we use first party (our own) cookies to help improve the user friendliness of our web site and make the browsing experience better for everyone using our web site. In addition, we use them to produce statistics about the traffic on our web site.

We also use third-party cookies (Google Analytics) for the same purpose.

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