Business Centers and Incubators for Employment & Loan Directorate (ELD)-MoLSA.

BIP’s main partner in Iraq, the ALOLA Or,g in cooperation with Employment & Loan Directorate, have started the first activity in the process of establishing Business Centers in all Iraq. The General Manager of ELD, Eng. Ammar Abdulwahid, and the General Manager of ALOLA Org. were at the opening ceremony for BPD workshops in Karbala.

Eng. Ammar awarded the Mentor ID to Certified Trainers from 2017. All these trainers participated in the three stages training to become qualified to work for Business Centers and Incubators. At the same time the ALOLA Org. was awarded a certificate of appreciation the work to start Incubators Centers.

26 participants from 15 Employment & Loan department from all Iraq joined the training which was given by Dr. Hussein Tahir, BIP’s expert trainer, and Fadil Aljabry, the Certified Trainer from Karbala VTC. Five days training covered how to develop a business idea, where all participants, including the 4 from Handicap Committee from MoLSA were involved. Many types of trainings are used in the workshop, and all the participants were happy with the trainings and the exercises they were given.

The results of the evaluation showed that all participants were satisfied with the topics covered and the training in general. giving an overall score of 5.3 out of a possible 6. They gave 6 to the trainer and 5.23 to the organization. Separate meetings were held with both ELD and HC to discuss the plans for the next phase. Both sides have many ideas and they are looking for support for their ideas. They asked BIP and ALOLA to give good responses to the stakeholders in the Ministry to go forward and implement the training for new groups and training participants.

During the training, the team held many varied activities and visits as shown in the pictures below.

Visit the Museum of Alataba Alhussaynia in Karbala.

Football match at the International Karbala Stadium.