From Baghdad; Incubator Center is the Main Goal for MoLSA currently.

The Business Development Project in Iraq, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited The Minister of Labor Eng. Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani in his office. Al-Sudani said “The Incubator project is very important for Iraqis at this time to develop and make new jobs”. He supports The General Directorate of Labor and Vocational Training to start this kind of activity and supports the Business Innovation business ideas.

General Director of Labor & Vocational Training Eng. Ammar Abdulwahid redeived Alola Org. Manager Eng Layla Mahdi and BIP General Manager Dr. Hussein Tahir. This meeting was one of the important steps to move forward with Incubator Center project. They decided to start the second training Mentor 1 & 2 of Incubators Personal, move BIP training division to the Center and empower the Baghdad Incubator Center to lead the other centers over all Iraq. At the same time Eng. Abdulwahid asked BIP to continue one year more to qualify enough trainers for all centers and will write a support letter on this matter.

The delegation of ALOLA & BIP visited the Incubator Center in Baghdad in their own new building. The personal are BIP Mentor trainers. They have very good experience and are doing very good job in the first real start for an incubator system in Mesopotamia. The Managing Director of Incubator Center reported “We are here because of BIP’s good work and ALOLA’s good cooperation. We hope for better future for all Iraqis, and that they can start their own business with use of high technology

From the visit.