Articles - BIP Iraq 2009

Rapid courses in developing business plans with long term follow up!

BIP Iraq offer courses and personal consulting in the field of business plan development. If you dream about starting your own business with can help you. It doesn’t matter if your interest is in manufacturing or service industries. Our driving force is being able to help and to do the best possible job for you.

We start with the individual’s wants, needs and abilities and adapt our training and follow up to suit accordingly. We have changed our approach from offering training for groups to offering training for individuals based on feedback from previous participants. In this way the training and follow up can be carried out even though the participant may have existing day time employment. It also gives us the possibility for greater flexibility in respect of the participant's previous skills and knowledge and time available.

We have being doing training in this way since the beginning of 2009. We simply wish to be able to adjust and adapt our training and follow up programs to the specific needs of the individual. In this way participation is made as easy as possible and the rate of success is considerably higher. The business plans that are produced in this way are eligible for financial support from IOM or other sources.

So far BIP has carried out personalized training for some 30 individuals. Get in touch for more details or if you wish to participate.

Meetings to strengthen the network of relationships

Many visits and meetings were arranged by the manager of Business Innovation Programs, to strengthen relationships and to simplify issues for the participants, with some of the organizations and institutes that work in the region.

International Organization for Migration in Sulaimaniya

We visited the IOM Sulaimaniya Branch whose main work is to receive returnees from Europe and assist in simplifying matters to help them establish their own businesses. During our visit they were very busy with meeting returnees in order to register their information to establish their potential businesses.

Women’s Organization in Sulaimanya

A visit was made to the Women’s Organization in Sulaimaniya which deals with women’s issues and tries to spread the word in connection with democracy and women’s rights. The organization wishes to make women become self-sufficient lest she should be used by others. Developing women’s skills to handle financial matters efficiently is important. This can lead to independency, thus protecting women from aggressors.  

Mr. Azad Osman the manager of Radio of Kalar wants to have cooperation with BIP in order to improve the capabilities in connection with developing business ideas.

Civic Development Organization

In a new building and with a very welcoming reception from Mr. Zana Muhamad Rid, the aim of the visit was to strengthen our future relations in order to increase BIP activities in Sulaimaniya and to organize BPD courses.

The Civic Development Organization has many programs for training trainers in all Iraq.  The organization's building is a very beautiful modern building and hosts necessary services such as study halls, food, and accommodation for organizing courses.

Mr. Zana told us that their organization was intending to reconstruct its building to match with the size of the expected work, especially in the summer. Thus it looks like a camp with full services. Mr. Zana expressed his wish to keep in touch with us.  

Amez Organization is keeping with cooperating with BIP to organize BPD courses.

In a visit to Amez organization in Sulaimaniya it was agreed keep on the cooperation between our organizations in order to organize BPD courses for the returnees from Norway.

Amez is known for organizing courses in languages, computers, sports, weaving and other subjects.     

Swedish Red Cross visit to probe the situation

Awat Hamad, project manager the Swedish Refugee Office, visited the Kurdistan region and made many important meetings with relevant offices and organizations about returnees’ situations.

She probed the region and exchanged opinions to study the essential needs that must be provided to make the process of reintegration possible. She also met the manager of BIP in reference to the previous contacts between the two sides to do with making the reintegration program more realistic so that it can be fully beneficial to the returnees.

Miss Awat assured that Sweden tries to develop its program of supporting the returnees through a realistic study of their needs to make the process optimistic.

Potential projects & work opportunities in Iraqi markets.

Returning back to Medical College in Musil

Having a scientific degree can be one of the most important factors in building one’s own future, especially when it comes to attending Medicine and Engineering colleges. Anwar is trying to go back to the second stage of Medical College in Musil.

Small projects in harmony with official organizations

Although many people wish to establish their own projects in the market, this does not affect the opportunity to work with others. Nazar invested in his own free enterprise, but he’s got official work coming in from the international Red Cross organization.

Expertise is the Essence of Success

Free enterprise is considered as the most important type of business that exist nowadays on the Iraqi market, a market that is very active and one which experienced people can benefit from. Ihsan has returned to the market with his long experience and wide range of relationships he need to re-establish his job. He is looking forward to succeed.

Foodstuff shop in Erbil

Imad completed a BPD course when he received training to develop a business idea in accordance with his specialty. Imad was able to benefit his previous background and expertise, and is very happy now with the work he has created for himself in Erbil.

Electrical devices shop in Baghdad

One of the successful business areas in Baghdad is the selling of electrical devices. Being aware of the needs of the customers is the most important factor for success in free enterprise. After participating in a BPD course in 2004, her project is bearing fruits in 2008.

Selling bags as a source of income

Expertise is an important contributory factor to success in any free enterprise, and knowledge about a market is often the main factor for returning back to it. That's why the faces of those who return to their previous sphere of work are always smiling when they have acquired the knowledge of how to develop their own business.

Business Innovation Programs

The staff of Business Innovation Programs is pleased to extend good wishes for the New Year and hope that it will be another effective one after we have worked in 2006, 2007, 2008 by establishing a centre for business training in Erbil focusing on free businesses, returnees from Norway and creating job opportunities by organizing courses in Business Plan Development and how to start one’s own business!

Our cadre is specified and simple, but we have a lot of schedules and strategies to fulfill in working to reach our goals by cooperating with others!

The working strategies are aimed at organizing courses and enabling local trainers to become future trainers in the same way as the centre did when it worked on training its staff to become business trainers. The centre has also prepared local trainers in many regions in Iraq in order to train job seekers, and to encourage individuals to start their own business projects.

30 evening & daytime courses have been organized in Erbil, Kut, Duhok, Nasiriya, Sulaimaniya, Karbala, Najaf and Baghdad, and there will be more courses in other cities.

A large number of our participants have been returnees from Norway and other European countries as well as local officials and local people, especially young people.

The main goal of our program is to facilitate job creation for job seekers by empowering them to establish and make their own small businesses.

Anyone can apply to participate in our courses provided that he or she has an idea for small business, and the application forms are available on our web site!

We are located in the center of Erbil, behind Sheraton Hotel.
You can contact us on these numbers;
07705318380, 07504236882, 0662561563