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BIP and Training

Training is one of the main activities of BIP. It organizes courses for developing business ideas for those who wish to establish their own projects. These courses deal with business ideas, products, services presented, and the qualifications of the person who has the idea. They also deal with providing helpful local network relationships, calculating the expected quantity of annual products and total income, studying the demands of the market, realistic and expected competition, and calculating the size of investment as well as the direct and indirect costs, and the technology needed for the project. All of these are essential for those who wish to establish their own projects so as to avoid losses caused by poor planning or lack of planning.

The BIP centre in Erbil works on an annual time frame and its development is in accordance with the needs. The organization does not have the facility to make grants or the like.

The aim and purpose of BIP and the training is to prepare job opportunities through small projects, and to motivate initiatives and the transferring of skills in how to manage a small project. The trainings are carried out by local authorized trainers Omar Karim Ahmed and Govand Shafeeq Tawfeeq.

Business Plan Development course in Erbil.

A course on business plan development was organized, for a group of Iraqis who wished to start their own businesses, in the BIP premises in Erbil, and was held by trainer Omar Karim Ahmed.

A group seeking job opportunities participated in the course to overcome their difficulties in finding a job in the local market for different reasons, such as lack of money and lack of experience. The participants were trained to manage small businesses and to consider the financial benefits in line with their previous experiences.

The participants had different and similar business ideas as three of them had experiences in working in restaurants, and wanted to do the same job that they had once done. Some of the others had ideas about establishing mini markets, as well as other jobs like a plumber. The participants expressed their satisfaction in attending the training and to bringing their skills to a higher level. They all wanted to make sure that they would maintain their contact with BIP to take full benefit from the wealth of experience available.

Development of business plans can be a foundation for success.

A course for developing business plans and small projects was organized by BIP for a group of returnees who wished to start and develop their own projects. The course was held at BIP's premises in Erbil–Runaki from 23 to 26 May 2010, and was presented by trainers Omar Karim Ahmed, Govand Shafeeq Tawfeeq and supervised by Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir, the project manager.

The number of the participants were 10 returnees from Norway, from different cities in Iraq; 6 from Sulaimaniya, 2 from Dohok, and 2 from Erbil.

The course tended to discuss the future projects that the participants wanted to realize. Collective ideas and extensive discussions had an obvious impact on freshening their minds to help develop their business ideas, and the importance of studying economic issues became clear and obvious when making calculations as to how to start and to guarantee the success of the projects.

The participants had different business ideas such as selling automobile spare parts, selling engine oils, a mechanics shop, selling construction materials, poultry, and woman luxuries. Some have already begun.

Turn your project into a reality using BIP's network!

By gaining full knowledge about available networks and by participating in a course for business plan development, you can shape your own project in such a way so that you can manage it according to your time and interests.

BIP has been organizing many courses in business plan development and how to successfully achieve projects in Iraq for about two years.

A large number of returnees have had their dreams come true by taking benefit from the grants donated to them and these free courses. In general, those who had previous practical experience have been more able to take benefit from the grants and to use the principle of partnership with others. They have been able to convert experience and others services into wealth by making new steady life for themselves based on creating their own business. More than 180 returnees from Norway have established their own projects, and have taken benefit directly from BIP’s activities that have contributed toward developing their ideas both practically and administratively. That is why BIP is planning to organize two courses in May & June and you can participate by applying on our website.

or call; 07504236882 ,07705318380, 0662561563

BIP networks with local and international organizations

Representatives of international organizations like Achievement Community Employment in Ainkawa and International solution organization were hosted by BIP in its centre in Erbil to discuss the treaty of employing returnees from Norway. Manager of international organization for Middle East Miss Sigrid Gruener talked about the essentials of the treaty to focus on its powerful sides. The delegation also included other officials like Mr. Tim Lodford and Mr. Othman Doski the General Manager who asserted his believe of the success of the project of employing returnees from Norway by their centre and make periodical meeting between the two organizations to follow up the participants closely, which became valid from the beginning of Feb 2010.

BIP hosts Evaluation team in Erbil

BIP was visited by Dr. Arne Strand, manager of research from institute research, Miss Christian Miklsin, and Erlend Paasche the official of the international peace research institute. Evaluation team visited BIP during Jan 2010 to prepare the situation to a later visit in Next April. The team wants to know the importance of BIP activities to the returnees from Norway and the effects of information on the success of establishing a business.

Irrini participants attend BIP course

Business Innovation Program organized a course in the development of business ideas for participants of the IRRINI program for returnees from Norway. The course was organized at the BIP premises in Erbil in the second week of February.

Course participants expressed a desire to develop existing business ideas and some of them worked with future business plans. Govand Shafeeq Tawfeeq and Omar Karim Ahmed were the trainers. They help the course participants to deal correctly with their business ideas and tried to shown the right way to achieve it, with regard to some of them were far from reality for a long time.

Course participants were from Erbil, Dohuk and Sulaymani. They had a number of interested parties in developing business ideas in the current or hoped to complete it in the future. Business ideas were including a restaurant, mini market, Butcher , State Agent, Car Company, Furniture Shop, Cleaning Company  and other ideas.

On the course were discussed important aspects of the development of business ideas from the users situation and how it wishes to have it and it was also recorded how manage the work and the discussion of measures to succeed and be aware of the opposite too.

All participants gave a positive opinion about the course's theme and that affects much more than their job in the future, despite all the difficulty that exists in reality. We emphasized that a proper foundation is the key word for success, and most important of all is to create employment opportunities.

At the end of the course recommended all of the participants for those who have an idea for smaller projects to exploit the opportunity for the BIP offer with their high activates and get and get info that is related to our job to do.

Success in Iraq grows.

January 2010

The growing demand for BIP services and expertise is being met with new representatives in Dohuk and Sulemanya and more resources in Norway.

In Norway BIP welcome to the team.

The local BIP Team in Iraq now comprises:



Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir

Govend Sh. Tawfeeq

Lajan Nazem Bajalan

Omar Karim Ahmed


Muhamedali Elias Ma'rouf

Hanakhan Hamabor Hiwa

Business Innovation Programs in 2010

The personnel of Business Innovation Programs are glad to send you their best wishes for the New Year 2010. We hope that it will be an effective year after having worked for four years in organizing both individual and collective courses for those interested in establishing their own business projects - especially returnees from Norway. Our organization also works on providing returnees with all necessary information to do with the sphere of business.

Our organization is cooperating with relevant official bodies, organizations, and the business sector in order to fulfill our first goal of successfully preparing job opportunities in areas that will benefit from these.

We are working on training returnees interested in developing their business ideas and consider that guidance and follow up are the most important steps needed for success, and that the returnees from Norway are those that can most benefit. We also work on training local trainers to be future trainers, helping the youth section to develop their business ideas and to learn to depend on themselves to find job opportunities.

You can visit our centre in Erbil-Runaki, or contact us these numbers;
0662561563, 077504236882, 07705318380,