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Governor of Missan Visits BIP Classroom at Vocational Training Center in Missan

Ali Dawai is the Governor of Missan. He visited to the Vocational Training Center in Missan (360 km south of Baghdad).

The Missan Governor is one of the most respected personalities through his work and generally speaking.

While he was there, Governor Dawai talked to BIP local certified trainer Raad Hattab about training courses and starting small businesses for jobseekers, and how this is important for a better future. Earlier this year, in February, BIP previously met Governor Dawai during the Missan Forum. Already then he showed great interest in the transfer of competency to local people.

Governor Dawai also expressed he would like to follow up the activity of the BPD courses and wished to receive all activity reports.

Third course of Second stage of Business Development in Iraq to be held in Erbil at end of September

During 2013 BIP are implementing the two stage business development program. The aim of the program is to transfer training skills in how to qualify trainers in Business Innovation; Business Development; and how to start a business. At MoYS have 59 and at MoLSA have 37 local trainers been certified by BIP. The local trainers can make BPD courses by using BIP material in Youth Centers and Labor Centers all over Iraq. The project seems to be a real fundament for future local development and implementation.

Iskandrya Vocational Training Center Trainers best in 2013 group

August 25th 2013: Trainers Majda Hamid Jasim and Sahar Dawood Salaman, both women, have achieved the best Business Plan Development (BPD) course record until now. These two trainers have excelled in the best level of cooperation with their Center Leader Eng. Nasir who made the overall preparations for these courses.

They carried out six BPD courses with 124 participants during the May-August period. The majority of participants were women – 72 in total.

All participants are jobseekers registered in the Iskandrya Vocational Training Center database. The courses have been held the BIP furnished class room.

Project Manager Dr. Tahir visiting BPD course and meet VoT Manager Eng. Nasir and the two women trainers Majeda and Sahar.

Kirkuk Host Third ToT Course for MoYS Trainers.

Kirkuk Directorate for Youth&Sport hosted the third and last training of Training of the Trainers (ToT) program for 2013. The course was held on 23 -28th July 2013. In a cooperation between the Ministry of Youth & Sport , the Norwegian Business Innovation Programs and Directory for Youth & Sport in Kirkuk, the Directorate of Cooperation & Follow Up organized the BPD course for 16 new local trainers. These local trainers came from Directorates of Youth in Salahadin, Kirkuk, Mosul, Dyala, Kerbala, Simawa, Dywania, and Wasit. MoYS has had more than 20 trainer candidates in 2013. The candidates have participated in the first stage of the qualifying process. After selecting the right candidates to continue in the ToT program16 of them will be able to join the certification ceremony.

They were able to practice extensively in how to present the BPD material. All course participants were happy with the quality of the training and got completed a Management Course and Presentation Course.

Labor Ministry Trainers meet in the second part of ToT Program June 2013

18 trainers from 10 Vocational Training & Labor Centers gathered in Erbil for the second session of training in the Training of Trainers (ToT) Program. These trainers are on thei way to be the second group of 40 trainers to become the foundation of high quality training in "How to start your own small business".

This second stage training was carried out from the 22nd to the 28th of June, when 18 local trainers participated. During the 40 hours of workshops the 1-9 BPD forms were discussed and included; Small business budgeting, 12 months financial operations, cash flow, summary of business plan development, critical factors and To Do list. At the same time the participants were instructed about how make a good Follow-Up system.

All trainer candidates, as home work, will make 5 BPD courses for Jobseekers until middle of September. All will then be ready for the last stage of the overall training at the end of September.

11 Women in the Second Stage of the ToT Program for MoYS in 2013

For the second year running, in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth & Sport, Norwegian Business Innovation Programs conducted a new Business Plan Development course in Dywania from May 28th to June 1st 2013.

This was the second training for this group. The aim is to educate 17 Certified Entrepreneur Trainers in many different geographical regions. The training is managed by Hussein F. Tahir, General Director BIP Iraq. 11 women were among the new trainers being trained.

The participants came from different Youth Directorates in Iraq. In this second training the 17 local trainers that participated spent 32 hours in workshops where the following subjects were discussed; Small business budgets, 12 month financial plans, cash flow, summary of business plan development, critical factors and the To-Do list. At the same time the participants were instructed in how make a good Follow- Up system.

All the trainer candidates were happy with type of training they received and would like to be part of the future team to give the young people very good training in “How to Start Your Own Business”. They can in cooperation with existing BPD trainers organize BPD courses and implement training for young people and identify their potential. These trainers are from Ninawa, Salahaldin, Dyala, Baghdad, Babel, Najaf, Wasit, Karbala, Dywania, Mothana and Kirkuk.


BIP"s President Mr. Jon Steinar Ostgaard visited Erbil to meet the main partners for the Business Development Project in Iraq. The visit took place in the period 20-23.May 2013.

The Business Development Project is in its second stage and will certify 20 BPD trainers for each ministry in the end of 2013. The three year project was started at the end of 2011, and the main partners are the Ministry of Youth & Sport and the Ministry of Labour & Social Affairs.

The President of BIP and BIP’s Iraq General Manager Dr. Hussein Tahir meet delegations from both ministries and PAO.

MoLSA; In the first meeting with representatives from the Labour Ministry Assistant General Manager Eng. Nassir Nahi, VoT and Project Coordinator Mr. Raid Jabbar, there was agreement all round about the good implementation and results so far. The needs for the period after the program ends in late 2014 were also discussed. A small loan system, Web Shop and Support Team are the important cases for the near future.

MoYS; At the second meeting - with Deputy Minister Mr. Abbas Alshamari, Ministry of Youth & Sport - Mr. Abbas said "MoYS are working very seriously with BIP´s program and want to have trained and certified enough trainers to cover all the Youth Centers in Iraq. Youth Business Fairs are very important in order to motivate young persons. Some of the Youth Centers could also function as Business Centers. Internet based businesses will become more and more used as internet improves and computers become more common among young people in Iraq. Therefore Web Shop activity and small loan possibilities for small projects/ businesses are very important also."

PAO; BIP President Mr. Jon Steinar Ostgard also visited the Public Aid Organisation (PAO) with which BIP share premises. PAO and BIP have been working in cooperation since 2007. PAO Chairman Mr. Hoger Chatto and his staff received Mr Jon Steinar Ostgard and explained how the Public Aid Org. work and what are the important projects it has in 2013. Mr Hoger said "We are still sharing the premises with BIP and now have certified trainers in Business Plan Development as result of the cooperation.

More women participating in BIP courses to create a better future

Women now make up more than 40% of the BIP course participants at MoYS and MoLSA. Since its start 3 years ago the Business Development project in Iraq has seen a steady increase in the number of women participants due to a number of factors which gives them the opportunity for achievement and for discovering themselves. Most of the women participants are under 25 years old and hope to start their own business and become financially self-sufficient and ensure a stable life.

Below are some pictures from the many courses for women as participants and trainers.

Abbas Fadhil Abbas from Kirkuk Labor Center is the best trainer so far

BPD trainer Abbas from the Kirkuk MoLSA Labor Center is the best one so far. He held 14 BPD courses for jobless registered in the Labor Center data base in Kirkuk. He says "I will give all my time to make BPD courses for as many jobseekers as possible. This qualifying course is very important for them and is an important key for a bright future".

Pictures from various courses held at the Kirkuk MoLSA Labor Center:

More than 50 BPD Courses been held in Iraq in the first season

BIP trainers from both MoLSA & MoYS ministries held more than 50 BPD course in Iraq in the first season. The certify trainers and new groups in 2013 will work together  in the next period to made BPD courses for jobless and youth who wish to start their own business.

Here are some examples from the first season:

Al- Anbar Vocational Training Center held BPD course for 20 women who are seeking jobs. All these are registered in the Labor Canter database:

Baghdad Center- BIP Division held BPD course for 20 participants seeking jobs. All these are registered in the Labor Canter database. BIP Manager and others was guests. 

Babylon Women Youth Center held BPD course for 20 women who are trying to start their own activity and project.

Kirkuk Labor Center held a BPD course for 20 participants who are trying to start their own activity and project.

Alsimawa Youth Center held a BPD course for 20 women and men who are trying to start their own activity and project.

Al-Najaf Labor Center held a BPD course for 20 participants who are trying to start their own activity and project.

Almothana Youth Center held a BPD course for 20 young people who are trying use these new skills when the time is in or in the next time

Al-Najaf Youth Center held a BPD course for 20 young people who are trying use these skills when the time is in or in the next time

Left to right: Al-Najaf VT Center, Y&S Youth Center, Masyra Youth Center

Business Development in Iraq, Stage II/2013

Training of Trainers for the Ministry of Labor in Erbil April 2013

In Erbil, Business Innovation Programs (BIP) has organized the first training (BPD)/ Stage II in cooperation with the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) in Iraq. The aim is to educate Certified Entrepreneur Trainers at 11 Labor and Vocational Training Centers. The training is managed by Dr. Hussein F. Tahir, General Director BIP Iraq. The Follow- Up Team and division daily leader for Business Innovation in MoLSA joined the course.

In this first training, completed from the 22th to the 27th of April, 22 employees and new future trainers participated. During the 40 hours training the following subjects were introduced and discussed; Aim of the program, Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Introduction to Project Management, Introduction and Practical Training in the Business Innovation Programs methods and tools for business or project plan development. This involves working practically in describing and calculating a business or project idea. Subjects like business idea, personal qualifications, network, markets and customers, competition, financial calculations, laws and regulations, critical success factors are introduced, described, presented and discussed.

The participants and future trainers are selected according to criteria such as education, motivation and ambition. When the certification training and certification process is completed, the marketing of Business Plan Development courses will start. Together with the Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Business Innovation Programs aims to establish sufficient Entrepreneur Centers in Iraq, each providing business plan development training to the adult population in their region.

Business Development in Iraq, Stage II/2013

Trainers from Ministry of Youth & Sport (MoYS) in first Training of 2013

A five-day course in Basra was the first step/ second stage for long term cooperation program between the Ministry of Youth & Sport (Coordination & Follow-up Directorate) with Business Innovation Programs. The main goal of the ToT (Training of Trainers Stage II) program is to qualify and certify ministry trainers and to prepare them to be able to organize courses for young people to help them in establishing their own businesses, good entrepreneurship and thereby provide stable employment.

Hussein F. Tahir, General Director BIP Iraq managed the first training from the 26th to the 31th of March at the Sport Center in Basra when 16 future trainers participated. Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Project Management, and Practical Training in Business Innovation Programs methods and tools for business and project plan development were presented and discussed.

The Ministry's plan spans several years and intends to have enough certified trainers in all sport centers in Iraq using of Business Innovation Programs material and skills. The reach of the project will extend to include many thousands of young people in the program. After the first training course, all MoYS’s local trainers said "we are satisfied and motivated to complete the qualification process and to take place in the rebuilding phase of youth empowerment". They said “this type training is fit with Iraqi youth needs”.

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