Articles - BIP Iraq 2018


BIP certified trainers from Iraq attended the 6 days mentor training level 1 & 2 in Istanbul in the period 23 November to 1 December. Among the participants was also the Alola Org. Leader. The Mentor Training focused on new skills in problem solving, handling difficult people, continuous improvement and management of growth in existing companies. The main goal of the training is to qualifying staff for Business Centers and Incubators. The mentor training is an important element in making the project sustainable so that the Ministry can operate the program on their own. Both the content of the training and the performance of the trainers was rated 5,7 on a scale from 1 to 6.

Final ToT Training in Iraq: Thirteen New BPD Trainers for Entrepreneurship Activity - MoLSA.

The final BPD training of “Training of Trainers” (ToT) program was lead by BIP Project Manager Dr. Hussein Tahir. This last round of certifying new trainers for Labor Ministry included 13 new trainers and qualifying Entrepreneurship Division Manager – General Manager of Labor and Vocational Training. The training was held on 10-15 November 2018 in Karbala.

New Certified Trainers, Manager of Entrepreneurship Section and BIP Manger celebrate the graduation with Manager of Karbala Vocational Training Center.

From Baghdad; Incubator Center is the Main Goal for MoLSA currently.

The Business Development Project in Iraq, financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited The Minister of Labor Eng. Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani in his office. Al-Sudani said “The Incubator project is very important for Iraqis at this time to develop and make new jobs”. He supports The General Directorate of Labor and Vocational Training to start this kind of activity and supports the Business Innovation business ideas.

General Director of Labor & Vocational Training Eng. Ammar Abdulwahid redeived Alola Org. Manager Eng Layla Mahdi and BIP General Manager Dr. Hussein Tahir. This meeting was one of the important steps to move forward with Incubator Center project. They decided to start the second training Mentor 1 & 2 of Incubators Personal, move BIP training division to the Center and empower the Baghdad Incubator Center to lead the other centers over all Iraq. At the same time Eng. Abdulwahid asked BIP to continue one year more to qualify enough trainers for all centers and will write a support letter on this matter.

The delegation of ALOLA & BIP visited the Incubator Center in Baghdad in their own new building. The personal are BIP Mentor trainers. They have very good experience and are doing very good job in the first real start for an incubator system in Mesopotamia. The Managing Director of Incubator Center reported “We are here because of BIP’s good work and ALOLA’s good cooperation. We hope for better future for all Iraqis, and that they can start their own business with use of high technology

From the visit.

TOT Program in Erbil: New BPD Trainers for PAO and Student Enterprises.

The first workshop “BPD” for the “Training of Trainers” (ToT) program was led by BIP Project Manager Dr. Hussein Tahir. This training was for 12 new trainers, 10 for PAO to support BPD training in the camps and two for the Student Enterprises Program. The training was held in Erbil on 17-20 July 2018.

BIP Manager Dr Hussein Tahir starts a new ToT program for BIP projects in Erbil.

This training is one of an important part of support for BIP projects in Iraq. The total number of BPD trainers is growing as the training needs over all Iraq increase. The trainers came from Duhok, Erbil, Suly and The Ministry of Education.

Team and individual work are two main methods in BIP training.

PAO manager Hoger Cheto attended the training and spoke on the opening day and during the training’s other days. He expressed the PAO leadership’s thanks to BIP and the Norwegian Foreign Ministry for a fruitful project. He expressed that Kurdish Regional Government mean that BPD trainings will be one of main trainings in the area to establish new small businesses and create new jobs.

PAO management told how important these trainings are for future plans.

BIP Theory and Materials are Main Way for Developing Small Business in Kurdistan.

The Public Aid Organization (PAO), a partner of Business Innovation Programs (BIP) in KRG, started a cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KFCCI) to implement a program for developing small businesses in the Kurdistan region. To this end, KFCCI, PAO and BIP laid out a roadmap for the program. The roadmap determines the shape and design the program. According to the road map the project will be divided into four phases which are; holding a conference; rolling out a strategy for a small business fund; creating a fund for small business; and establishing centers for developing small businesses.

Preparation for upcoming Conference

On 27/06/2018 KFCCI, PAO & BIP held a meeting at KFCCI’s headquarters with representatives of UN Agencies and INGOs. UNDP, IOM, Islamic Relief Worldwide, WCC, NCCI and Mercy Corps.

The meeting chaired by Shivan Abdulrahman, Hogir Chato and Dr. Hussein Tahir.

The aim of the meeting with the UN Agencies and INGOs was to take their views and perspectives to enrich the conference which is due to be held in November 2018. The meeting shed light on possible topics to be covered in the conference and possible hindrances in front of the program. The meeting came up with many positive thoughts and a tremendous contribution from the participants.

Incubator Workshop for first time in Mesopotamia under the auspices of the Employment & Training Directorate, BIP and ALOLA.

Norwegian Business Innovation Programs has started certifying BPD trainers to implement Business Plan Development for Jobless and Loan takers that are are registered in the MoLSA database. The first session was held by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs – General Directorate of Employment and Training hosted BIP General Manager Hussein Tahir and ALOLA Org. Manager Layla Mahdi on Monday 25 June 2018.

The Assistant General Manager Eng. Ahmed said “The Ministry has decided to implement the Incubator and Business Center system for innovation projects in Iraq. We are going to move to BIP training for everybody face to face”. Anyone can apply to participate in this program. We have a good process to deal with that. BIP certified trainers, good material and we are trying to identify the most suitable projects for it. More than 500 hundred Jobseekers applied to participate in the Incubator program, but just 4 business ideas got through.

All partners visited the first workshop in the Incubator training hall. The first training was based on BPD material to make the participants ready for next stage when their ideas can be developed. The hope is to establish BIC in all Iraq provinces, with Business and Incubators Centers (BIC) in Baghdad being the start.

BIP Manager talking to Incubator Training participant.

Central Incubator Center staff in meeting with the first group of incubators.

Meeting in Baghdad; ALOLA, PAO and BIP discussions plus updating project information.

In 2018 BIP and its project partners have been working toward various target groups; jobseekers, official employees, youth, women, IDPs, refugees, teachers and students.

The main purpose of the meeting in Baghdad was to reach the highest level of cooperation between BIP partners, ALOLA and PAO in the Student Enterprises and developing BIP trainer skills.

The project manager at BIP talked about the different projects and how they are going with the following up process. It is not enough to have only the trainings and implementation of programs as planned. The most important goal is to get people in work and make them establish their own business.

ALOLA Manager Altmimi confirmed “BIP certified trainers are doing well in the different projects, and we are working with developing to get them ready for high quality programs. Today, we have trainers in all parts of Iraq, and the Women Entrepreneurship project is going very well with good following up process. We had a successful cooperation with The Ministry of Education in Baghdad. This made us start the Student enterprises Program this year. 20 teachers from 10 schools are involved in the 2018 program. We look forward to extending our program in the next years.”

PAO Manager Hoger Chito talked about the cooperation with BIP and ALOLA and are considering the future strategic project “Student Enterprises”. They mean this project can be a key step for the Iraqi school system to establish new job places. The Camp Project is one of the trainings done to qualify IDPs, Refugees and Yezidi women. This program will impact the near future of these people. In this program we have more than 10 well-known organizations in cooperation to supply BIP training participants with equipment and tools to start up their own business..

All partners agreed that Student Enterprises is a very important program for establishing job places.

New Training of Trainers for Vocational Training Directorate -MoLSA.

As there is a great need for BIP trainers for Vocational Training Centers in Iraq, BIP started a new round of training of trainers. The first training took place at the Karbala+ Vocational Training Center in the period 26-31 May 2018. BIP’s main partner in Iraq, the ALOLA Org., in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs started this first activity in the process of qualifying new trainers for VT Centers which had lost their trainers because they have become managers or moved to another position.

ALOLA Org. General manager Layla Mahdi Al-Tmimi thanks Eng. Adnan Al-Amiri for good cooperation with the BIP Program for several years.

General Manager of ALOLA Eng. Al-Tmimi held a speech at the opening ceremony of the workshop in Karbala. She said “BIP methods and tools are one of the best programs in the world for establishing new businesses and jobs.”

Eng. Adnan Al-Ammiri went on to say “Since we start this center in Karbala, BIP is the first organization that has supported us, and we have a very good cooperation. Our center’s doors are open for BIP any time”. This is the fourth year Karbala is hosting the BIP & MoLSA ToT program to certify new BPD trainers.

18 candidates from 15 Vocational Training Centers from all Iraq participated in the first stage of the program. 15 of them completed the training and were awarded a certificate. Dr. Hussein Tahir the expert BIP trainer was the main trainer with help of two BIP certified Trainer from Karbala, Eng. Fadhil Al-Jabri & Eng. Hana Noori. The five days of training covered how to develop business ideas, where work group time was used to go in depth as how to develop own business for each participant. How, where, who, CV, Network, Market and accounting were the main aspects.

When giving their evaluation, all participants were satisfied with the training and gave 5.7. They gave 5.9 to the trainer and 5.4 to the organization. All these results are from a possible 6.

The number of BIP trainers for MoLSA is increasing and is around one hundred. That means BIP methods will live long and the program will survive with good follow up by the Alola Org.

ALOLA General Manager, Karbala VTC Manager, BIP Manager in Iraq and 17 training participants from 14 Vocational Training Centers take a graduation picture for first ToT stage.

Baghdad: Continuous Development of BIP Trainers by ALOLA Org. in Wasit.

The ALOLA Organization (ALOLA) is one of Business Innovation Program partners and have with the Youth Directorate of Wasit organized Development Training for BIP Trainers.

The leader of Alola Org, Layla Mahdi and the Manager of Youth Directorate of Wasit opened the training with a short speech and said “Innovation Programs are the only way to move forward and build a bright future. Trainers are our hands and the deciding factor to provide tools and materials to participants at trainings.”

27 BIP certified trainers and new trainers participated in the development training in Wasit (East South Baghdad, km 180) during the period 1-3, May 2018. 8 women and 19 men attended the event and had positive responses to all activities throughout the training.

Work ethics, perfect management and follow-up were the main topics in the training.

Guests from local government and Business Women visited the course and held a speech for all trainers. The representative for local government told “Such training is the only way to follow the changes which happen around us”.

The leader of Business Women in Wasit told participants “Women have good skills and plenty of ideas, therefore they need many kind of abilities to bring out and show their skills”.

Business Centers and Incubators for Employment & Loan Directorate (ELD)-MoLSA.

BIP’s main partner in Iraq, the ALOLA Or,g in cooperation with Employment & Loan Directorate, have started the first activity in the process of establishing Business Centers in all Iraq. The General Manager of ELD, Eng. Ammar Abdulwahid, and the General Manager of ALOLA Org. were at the opening ceremony for BPD workshops in Karbala.

Eng. Ammar awarded the Mentor ID to Certified Trainers from 2017. All these trainers participated in the three stages training to become qualified to work for Business Centers and Incubators. At the same time the ALOLA Org. was awarded a certificate of appreciation the work to start Incubators Centers.

26 participants from 15 Employment & Loan department from all Iraq joined the training which was given by Dr. Hussein Tahir, BIP’s expert trainer, and Fadil Aljabry, the Certified Trainer from Karbala VTC. Five days training covered how to develop a business idea, where all participants, including the 4 from Handicap Committee from MoLSA were involved. Many types of trainings are used in the workshop, and all the participants were happy with the trainings and the exercises they were given.

The results of the evaluation showed that all participants were satisfied with the topics covered and the training in general. giving an overall score of 5.3 out of a possible 6. They gave 6 to the trainer and 5.23 to the organization. Separate meetings were held with both ELD and HC to discuss the plans for the next phase. Both sides have many ideas and they are looking for support for their ideas. They asked BIP and ALOLA to give good responses to the stakeholders in the Ministry to go forward and implement the training for new groups and training participants.

During the training, the team held many varied activities and visits as shown in the pictures below.

Visit the Museum of Alataba Alhussaynia in Karbala.

Football match at the International Karbala Stadium.


The General Manager of the Vocational Education Directorate Eng. Saad Ibrahim Abdulrahim received Alola Org. Manager Eng Layla Mahdi Abdulhussein and BIP training expert Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir in his office on 17th.March 2018. The main subject was the Student Enterprises Program which is one of the important activities in schools in developing countries.

Alola Manager Eng. Mahdi, the main BIP partner in Baghdad, first started to have contact with Minister of Education Ministry in 2016. The Minister was in agreement and gave his approval to start the Student Enterprises program as soon possible. Eng Mahdi followed up the process and set up this meeting as the start of the Student Enterprises Program. The process has taken nearly two years.

BIP expert Dr. Tahir started by informing about the Student Entrepreneurship programs in secondary schools that supports students and their ideas, and where all students can themselves try out and establish if their business idea is valid or not. This process gives the students important skills and some excellent tools by which they can build their own futures. The GEM report shows that establishing small businesses is the right way to create new jobs that fit with society needs in a changing world.

On March 19th the first stage of Student Enterprises Program commenced with the first workshop for 20 teachers and 20 principals from 10 Vocational Schools in Baghdad. These teachers started the BIP training activity for their students in their schools. The program will continue with use of BIP tools, and BIP and ALOLA will follow the process.

From Erbil:

Student Entrepreneurship Program.

After the approval by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Kurdistan region to implement the Youth Entrepreneurship project, that prepares young people to be involved in the operation of enterprises and small businesses, in high schools as a pilot project, and the selection of 10 high schools in Erbil governorate, two teachers from each school were selected to define the program and showcase experiences gained in this area.

At another stage of the program, a training course was organized for teachers selected for training and preparation to be ready to play a leading role and spread the information gained at this session to the students. The purpose of this is so that the culture of small enterprises will be spread among the young so that they can be self-reliant and gain confidence and take the initiative to start small projects.

After selecting the names of pupils wishing to participate in the Youth Entrepreneurship project, Business Plan Development courses have been organized in selected schools by teachers who have acquired the necessary training in this area. Students’ projects varied from one school to another, where the ideas presented by them differed in terms of the ideas put forward and included ideas on recycling projects, handicrafts, sewing, and other projects.

Entrepreneurship Among Young People

Baghdad: The Second Training For “Student Enterprise” Trainers.

ALOLA Organization (ALOLA) is one of Business Innovation Programs (BIP) partner in Iraq.

To get things started, the first workshop about youth entrepreneurship and how to prepare young people to be involved in the operation of enterprises and small businesses, was organized in Erbil during the 6 day period from 30th November until 9th December.

After the good experiences around implementing the Small Business project with Women’s Entrepreneurship Program, ALOLA contacted Eng. Saad Ibrahim Abdulrahim, General Manager Engineer of the Vocational Education Directorate - Ministry of Education. The meeting was held at the directorate’s central office in Baghdad on 19th February 2018. Both sides agreed to start the Students Enterprises project because of the high number of jobless, especially among new graduates. Therefore, BIP tools would become the decisive factor in this matter.

The first workshop in Bagdad for Training Leaders making start of Student Enterprises Program in all Iraq. All these teachers have start working with youth entrepreneurship in their schools and they are doing very well.

The Leader of ALOLA Organization Eng. Layla Mahdi held a speech on the last day for all the training’s participants “We teachers should do our best to increase number of skills for our students with job market needs. We will make the learning environment much better with BIP tools. We should start now to have a Business Fair at the end of April.” The Norwegian Business Innovation Programs (BIP), PAO, ALOLA, Education Offices have a high level of cooperation.

Currently there are 40 Teachers from 20 Secondary and 10 Principals involved in this Pilot Program. All these must decide how to achieve the best result by the end of April. BIP will continue support the program with high grade of training, Fair management guidance and materials.

All Program participants agreed to a working plan. They will use the next 6 weeks to choose the students and will organize the Business Fair for the 3rd week of April.

Student Enterprises Program in Baghdad Thursday 22nd. February 2018, Center for Training, Production and Investment.