Articles - BIP Iraq 2020

KRG-Iraq Governorates Erbil and Sulaymaniyah host Student Enterprise activities.

Fifteen Vocational Education schools are participating in the Student Enterprises Program in KRG-Iraq. Training Leaders in Student Enterprises was the aim of all training courses.

Public Aid Org. (PAO) held two trainings, in Erbil and Sulaymaniah. The attendees were from Vocational High Schools from many districts; (5) Erbil, (4) Sulaymaniyah, (1) Halabja, (1) Rania, (1) Kifri, and (3) Duhok.

In Erbil 24 teachers and managers participated in the three-day Business Plan Development training.

In Sulaymaniah 21 managers participated in the three days Business Plan Development training. Personnel from the Education Ministry in local government joined the program too.

The program targeted vocational teachers who are interested in being able to build essential entrepreneurship skills with the intention of transferring these skills through school environments.

The teachers were gathered into two groups according to their geographical locations. The first group of teachers (24 Managers and Teachers) included Erbil and Duhok teachers who participated in the first training course on 3-5. November in Erbil at the Hexos Hotel. The course was led by International BIP Training Expert Dr. Hussein Tahir.

The second group of teachers (21 Managers and Teachers) participated in the second training course that was held on 14-16 November in city of Sulaymaniyah, at the Paresh Hotel. The course was led by certified BIP trainer Omar Kareem Ahmed. Both training courses were attended by representatives of the vocational preparatory directorate.

Student Enterprises is one of the most important programs that can be established as it features creating new businesses and creating new jobs. BIP hope that the PAO entrepreneurship activity in KRG Vocational Schools will be transferred to local school directorate as soon as possible.

Baghdad, Wassit and Karbala hosting Student Enterprises activity in Iraq.

Fifteen Vocational Education school are participating in the Student Enterprise Program in Iraq. These High Schools are from (6) Baghdad, (5) Wassit and (4) Karbala. The program targets teachers and students. Ability building and entrepreneurship skills is the goal to be transferred to the schools. `Training Leaders and Student Enterprisers were the target audiences of the all trainings.

The main training in all the cities is being led by International BIP Training Expert Dr. Hussein Tahir.

Dr. Tahir started training in Baghdad with (6) Vocational Schools and (4) High Schools. The training course was held 13-15 October 2020 at the Baghdad Vocational Education Training, Production and Investment Centre.

In Wassit, the training had was held at the Scientific Care Center in Alkut-Wassit from the 19-22. October 2020. Training participants were (10) Vocational Education teachers, (3) candidates from Wassit Directorate of Youth and Sport and (6) professors from Wassit University. Each of these groups will build own their program, with the main being goals are teachers and students.

In Karbala, the training was held at the Labor Directorate in from 26th-29th October 2020. The Training’s participants were (8) Vocational Education teachers and (8) teachers from High Schools in Karbala. These teachers are very eager and will do their vey best.

Alola Org. presents Student Enterprises Program for Ministry of Education.

Since June this year the Leader of the Alola Org, Mrs. Layla Mahdi, has been in contact with key people at the Ministry of Education, starting from the Minister, the General Manager of Vocational Education and the Baghdad Governor. She presented the program directly to them and informed about positive signals from the experiences in other countries. In her meetings with all of them they made an agreement to start the program as soon as possible. The first step in the process after that was presentation day.

The General Manager of Vocational Education, Dr. Mahmood Almaliky, made short speech with favorable words on the presentation day. Dr. Almaliky talked about how important the Student Enterprise Program is for Iraqis in these current times. Vocational Education is the right place for this program, and the students are ready to invest their skills in starting their own business after finishing school years. He then asked Mrs. Layla Mahdi, leader of Alola Org to give her speech to the attendees.

“We are here for you. Who are you? You are teachers, you are students. Together we are making school day much better. We are doing the best with BIP tools. Student Enterprises is the program which we will use. We will qualify the teachers to be Training Leaders and will transfer the Business Plan Development to students to make their own new work places.” After Mrs. Mahdi made her speech, she asked Dr. Hussein Tahir from BIP to present the program.

Dr. Hussein Tahir, the Training Expert for BIP projects in the Middel East and North Africa started his presentation of the Student Enterprise Program by presenting the BIP Organization and the Norwegian experience.

Dr. Tahir talked about the reasins behind the program, its goals, materials, methods, classes, training leaders and students. IHe also covered the concepts of the annual plan, output and cooperation. In his closing he gave time for questions from attendees.

Nearly 30 people attended the gathering. They were from the Vocational Education Directorate, High Schools, School Directors and Alola Org members.

Student Enterprises in Iraq start 2020 -2021 School Season.

The Ministry of Education in Iraq has approved the start of the Student Enterprises Program in Iraq for students in High Schools and Vocational Schools.

Since June 2020, the Alola Organization has had many meetings in Baghdad. The Minister of Education Mr. Ali Hamid had discussed the projects with the ministry’s involved departments and has agreed to start the project, wishing to bring High Schools into the project too.

Meetings with the Vocational Education Directorate have started, and it has been agreed to involve 15 Vocational Schools from 3 cities including Baghdad. General Manager DR. Mahmood Almaliky at the Directorate has had long meetings concerning the details and processes to implement the program. However, the Coronavirus Pandemic is affecting the school system hard. He means this program is especially important to help the current job situation in Iraq.

The Vocational Education Planning Department has started coordinating with the Alola Org. to start the program in October. Eng. Thaer Mizher has initiated contact with people to be involved and expert personnel that will join the one-day seminar to present the program and its aims.

At the same time, he has initiated contact with schools and started choosing teachers to be ready in the beginning of October for the first training sessions for teachers.

The Alola Org has initiated contact with High School too. In the Baghdad Al-Karkh Al Thanya region, General Manager Dr. Qusay Alkilaby wishes to join the program and involve the teachers from the region’s High Schools in Student Enterprises Program. The goal will be an evaluation of program’s impact in the schools’ educational program.

Student Enterprises will be the only solution to establish new businesses, start new jobs and avoid high numbers of jobless.

Women Entrepreneurship activity at Alola Org. in Iraq. Before the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The small organization Alola, a partner of Norwegian Business Innovation Program (BIP), is doing very well with women Entrepreneurship activity in Iraq. In cooperation with (BIP) since 2015 they have more than 36 been certified trainers. These trainers are doing well and driving business training by themselves in all cities in Iraq.

Super Trainer, General Manager Layla Altamimi, started the organization and is supervising the activity. She says “BIP training gives life a voice”. Many women who have the trainings are of the same opinion and experience a big change in their life after the training.

The outcome of the cooperation the last the 4 years has been 36 certified trainers, 180 workshops, 3,750 participants, 1422 newly established businesses and 2,146 new jobs.

BIP itself has trained more than 50,000 participants and certified more than 300 trainers which has led to the creation of more 10,000 new jobs. What some of the trainers have to say:

Super Trainer Layla Altamimi;
“A door was opened for hope and a sense of importance and confidence. In every training session, a new life is cultivated, filled with optimism and the belief that someone is doing everything they can towards a better tomorrow, free of charge except for love and true faith. This is sincerity that come from a heart that believes in the meaning of the word humanity. May you keep giving your sincere tenderness all ALOLA TRAINERS.

Certified Trainer Hana Noori;
“Bring success to your life and start your business with ALOLA insights and training.

Mentor Trainer Nada Jamil Attia;
“When you see the happiness in others’ hearts, one day someone will sow it in your heart. In each training session we paint pictures of hope and optimism for the present and the future, believing that what you see today will be harvested tomorrow.”

Mentor Trainer Ahmed Taher;
“The best people are those who are those who create most benefit. It is an honor to be able to make dreams come true whenever we do a session of the Alola courses. Reviving hope in someone’s soul is one of the highest deeds, and we believe it is rewarded with faith and love.”

Mentor Trainer Bushra Abdulwahab;
“There is no such thing as luck without working together. We believe in seeking solutions and working will precede luck. When trainees smile, the moment the light of knowledge and empowerment enter their lives, we feel that the message has been delivered. Thanks to everyone who trained us, it is the cause of brightness and smiles.”

Mentor Trainer Fadhel Ouda Taher;
Economic empowerment courses have contributed to enhancing the role of women in society, by reducing the problem of unemployment among women. It also enhances their opportunities to obtain work and contribute to family income, especially among women taking care of their families. The participants not only changed their ability to succeed and advance economically, but also gave themselves the power to make economic decisions along with spreading a spirit of self-confidence.”

Mentor Trainer Zahraa Hussein Ali;
“At the beginning of each session, we feel confident to give training based on the participants own projects, spreading the spirit of exchange. At the same time, we give confidence, continuity and challenge all the obstacles facing women in their daily reality.”

Certified Trainer Shams Salim Dhmad:
“Hope is the key in our training sessions. We bring hope to the trainees. On the last day of the training, we see the first signs of success.”

Certified Trainer Yousra Raad;
“Sometimes you don’t need someone to give you an umbrella to protect you from the rain. You rather need someone to join you in the rain.”

BIP Trainer Hussein Tahir;
“Five days is all it takes to get new start for your life. So, join a BIP training course and move forward fast.”

Online Business Start Up Training implemented in Iraq.

In March 2020, the Covid-19 crisis hit the world. Isolation and social distancing suddenly became a part of our daily life. BIP's Start Up seminars in Iraq were temporarily stopped. Within a short period of time our competent staff and partners in Iraq changed to online seminars. BIP and our partner ALOLA now offers trainings to female entrepreneurs using WhatsApp as the platform for presentations and discussions.

Together with regional Vocational Training Centres and Youth Centres our trainers’ market and establish online groups of 20 – 30 women with business ideas. This makes it possible to deliver printed training materials. The seminar runs over 5 days and consists of online presentations, discussions via chat and submission of papers that are commented on.

The first training was introduced in April and turned out to be a success. Now we see that future Entrepreneurship seminars can be a mix of traditional trainings, digital meeting and follow up.