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«Starting a Business» training course is the first step to success.

Training in how to realize a business or a project can be an important step toward creating a better future. A newly established business or project can start small and develop over time. Possible outcomes may be securing an income for the family and the creation of jobs for other people in the family or region.

Development of a business or project ideas together with others will often improve the quality of the work compared to doing things alone. Sharing with others provides the opportunity to discuss challenges and opportunities, with potential customers or users, thus reducing risk and increasing the probability of success with the business. A successful business requires that it meets a need amongst customers or users. A process whereby these needs are focused on will raise the quality of the work.

The training “Starting a Small Business” assumes that participants already have an idea that they want to develop, or that they have a case from to learn the methods and tools for how an idea can be developed. Topics covered and discussed include the business idea, goals, personal motivation and qualifications, networks (who can help?), potential customers’ reasons for buying and profitability studies including operations and cash budgets. After completing the training, participants have a first draft of a business plan complete with budgets and that can provide the basis to make a decision whether to go ahead or not.

The goal of the training is to provide participants with insights into how a new business can be started and how business ideas can be developed.

Developing your business idea in Zakho

A course in Business Plan Development was organized for a group of returnees, who wished to practice establishing small businesses in the Center of (AFA) in Zakho with cooperation of Achievement Community Employment (ACE) from 4th July to 7th July, 2011. The course was managed by Dr.Hussein Falamarz Tahir coordinating with Mr. Maruf Elias.

It was a group of returnees from Norway that participated in the course. The topics covered included the business idea, incentives, and the importance of existing personal connections. The course also dealt with the important phases of the project, as well as the scale of services needed, the size of potential profits so all of these were considered in advance.

The course resulted in revealing abilities of the participants whose ideas became clearer to them, and some of them began changing their ideas from a mere notion into a feasible realistic project.

The participants had various practical concept ideas such as; an Internet Café, printing shop, mineral water factory, home devices shop, establishing a social organization, minimarket, mechanical shop, center for organizing courses , taxi driver, paving contracts.

The participants emphasized the importance of such courses as the one they attended as they teach and generate incentives for success.

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“How to establish your own project” – New courses in Erbil, Sulaimanya and Duhok.

Business Innovation Programs carried out its first seasonal training of 2011 by organizing courses in developing business ideas for groups of returnees from Norway from the IRRINI program in the cities of Erbil, Sulaimanya and Duhok. The courses were organized to suit the participants’ schedules and situations as the courses consisted of individual and collective elements. The courses were organized in cooperation with Norwegian public organization in Sulaimanya and organization of Nuzheen in Duhok, while in Erbil courses were organized at BIP's premises in Ainkawa- Erbil.

Thirty returnees from those who were looking for job opportunities participated in the courses, and some of them already had their own jobs. The training was focused around how to establish a project and calculate its benefits according to their previously gained experiences. The business ideas included car mechanic, a mill, grocer, barbers, walking booth, construction materials, a luxury shop, an electrical appliances shop, taxi driver, mini market, blacksmith, and others. The participants were very happy to participate in such courses and at this level, and wished to keep in touch in order to gain maximum benefit from BIP's experience and attend extra courses.

Business Innovation Programs and a New Year

Business Innovation Programs Organization would like to congratulate you and wish you a happy new year. At the same time we would like to announce that the BIP office was transferred from Runakee district to Ainkawa district, at Ainkawa street-third turning on the right.