BIP Programs

BIP Start-up Program.

This program gives basic support to adult persons who have a business idea and want to start-up business/company.

Overall objectives of the program is to assist people to create new sustainable businesses and to establish new jobs. Training is given to provide basic knowledge in how to start and manage a company or a project.

Each project is established to reach a specific target group.

Long-term goals:

  • Creation of innovative environment among youth people;
  • Development of self-esteem and readiness to take initiative and implement business idea and
  • Orientation to recognize opportunities offered by local community and readiness to use them.

BIP Development and Growth Program.

Businesses that have existed in more than one year and have real data of their performance can join this program in order to make strategies for development and growth.  The programs lasts for minimum 3 months with regular meetings and trainings together with other companies from their region. They learn new skills, present their company and work with certified consultants between the meetings on order to find new strategies.

Attitudes of companies’ owners/managers are the key element for development and growth of any company and the program will insist on it during the work, focusing on opinion of clients and quality management, production processes, sales and product development.

During the implementation of the program it will be necessary to make analysis of the current situation in the company, competition, relation with buyers and suppliers, give definition of goals until the end of program and together with consultant, develop a plan for manager/owner to implement of planned activities.

Participation of companies in this program is excellent opportunity for managers and owners of the companies to improve their business operations, exchange information and experiences, improve their quality in management and establish cooperation with other companies that will be part of program.

The program has been successfully implemented in more than 60 companies in Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

BIP Student Entrepreneurship Program.

This is a program that in a practical and simple way is presenting all elements of true entrepreneurship. Displays real-life of company for a period of one year, during which students-entrepreneurs create, manage and close their company. The goal of the program is that students, in addition to theoretical fundament about entrepreneurship, and gain practical skills to run the business. They for companies with 4 – 6 people and in order to get practical experience, they make real products, handle real money and sell to real customers. Teacher’s role is to be a consultant and to give them a theoretical fundament for understanding business. In the end of the project period they attends fairs and compete for best company, best products and best business plan. Survey shows that up to 25% of the participants start their own business later in life.


  • Developing a sense of business and entrepreneurship
  • Practical knowledge, skills and experience through real business enterprises
  • The development of personal qualities: self-initiative, self-confidence, responsibility, integrity, creativity, teamwork
  • Introduction of new methods of practical learning
  • Improving the learning process
  • Establishing a cooperative relationship among the selected schools, businesses, entrepreneurial associations
  • Developing entrepreneurial environment

Achievements: Output, outcome & impact.

Download the Business Innovation Programs Fact Sheet "Output, outcome and impact for time period 2006 – August 2019"