Articles - BIP Iraq 2008

BIP meet head manager of Achievement Community Employment (ACE) in Ainkawa in Erbil.

Mr. Wisam Nassar the head manager of Achievement Community Employment (ACE) and Miss Rita Raid were met in Ainkawa in Erbil by Dr.Hussein Falamarz Tahir, manager of BIP in Iraq.

The purpose of meeting was to discuss mutual cooperation so as to be able to present the best possible services to job seekers, as both sides showed their full desire to make future cooperation possible in order to create opportunities for jobless to create their own jobs.

ACE was created in July 2008 to address unemployment and capacity issues in Erbil Iraq. From its office in Ainkawa, ACE implements activities across the city to gather information about employers and job seekers. ACE offers free trainings on a variety of basic office skills and via a mentorship program, provide focused and financially-supported assistance to candidates seeking.

BIP manager in Sulaimaniya visits Bank of Siqa (Bank of Trust) for small projects.

There was also a meeting with Mr. Ahmed Shukur Karim manager of (Bank of Siqa) Branch of Sulaimaniya. The meeting was about how loans are granted to small projects and to ensure the Bank’s role in developing small projects which give opportunities for creating employment.

Mr. Shukur said that there were 5000 loan applications, 2400 of them got loans to start independent enterprises, build houses, and buying a taxi with an interest of 15%.

The Bank of Siqa is well represented geographically as it has branches in Sulaimaniya, Erbil, Duhok, Kirkuk, Kifri, Baquba, Khanaqeen and is in the final stages of establishing itself in Baghdad.

Returnees from Norway hosted by BIP organization!

A number of returnees from Norway under the IRRINI program for repatriation were hosted by BIP at its centre in Erbil for a course in developing business ideas. The course was organized and presented by Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir, and trainer Omar Karim Ahmed. The course duration was one week, and it was held in October 2008.

The participants were ten returnees from Norway under the IRRINI program. Some of them had already started their own projects and wanted to try to develop their work situations through the BIP program. Others participated to be able to evaluate the possibility of them succeeding with their own enterprise. A visitor from Norway and three other local people also participated in the course so as to develop their efficiency in managing their own businesses. The participants came from different parts of Iraq, such as Kirkuk, Tuzkhormatu, Darbandikhan, Sulaimaniya, Dohok and Diyana. The course also provided a good opportunity for meeting other returnees from Norway.
BIP paid all the accommodation, food, and transportation expenses. The projects the participants are working with included a car repair shop, car wash, poultry, legal office, selling food, pizza, a laboratory, construction contracting, a goldsmith , hairdressing salon, car spares and a transport company.

Some of the participants wished to participate in future courses to further improve their abilities to manage their projects.

Group courses and special and direct training in developing business ideas for returnees from Norway!

The IRRINI program for repatriation of Iraqis began at the beginning of March 2008. It aims at supporting returnees’ business ideas by granting them a sum of money so that they can be self sufficient in creating work for themselves or training for a particular job. The idea is to enable long term performance in the future and create job opportunities for job seekers and local people.

The group courses in developing central activities needed to develop business ideas were carried out to the satisfaction of all those who participated. It became obvious that it's necessary to give some participants an opportunity for special and direct training owing to special circumstances such location, specialization, etc. Mini courses have also been organized to meet the needs of a number of the participants who crystallized realistic and practical business ideas.

The main purpose is to help provide necessary information and simplify the process of establishing projects. Therefore, BIP strives to present material to suit the needs and desires of participants and guests. In addition to regular follow up, phone calls and exchanging e-mails are the most important means to make communications more effective!

BIP continuously contacts IRRINI program participants by calling them and visiting their business locations to observe and assist in situations where they face obstacles, as well as to promote a good working environment!

So as to help prepare practical training for those who wish to have it, BIP has contacted many institutes, organizations, and companies in order to create on-going cooperation so that IRRINI participants who wish to have professional training opportunities in an occupation, craft , or a particular job and qualify for training certificates, can do so.

Life becomes meaningful by working!

After a long period in Norway that had a great impact on our lives and that made it abnormal, it became possible to return home and benefit from IRRINI program. It made it possible to build an independent future by relying on personal skills and the cooperation of relevant bodies such as IOM - who simplified the process of our returning - and BIP who assisted us in developing our business ideas.

We are now working on our independent jobs, relying on ourselves, enjoying our independent lives, and making plans in accordance with our dreams of an assured future!

  • One of the IRRINI participants works with a construction team laying ceramic tiles, and he’s very comfortable and looking forward to becoming his own boss in near future!
  • Other one works with a family team in a commercial shop; he confirms that he doesn’t have time to leave his place of work, and that all his pleasure and happiness lie in permanently being in his own shop!
  • Another one who returned to his previous job as a Taxi driver after being away from it during his years as asylum seeker, he’s like a bird flying in his Taxi when shuttling between Shaqlawa and the bridge of Dokan.
  • Their jobs had positive impacts on them when they got married and fulfilled pleasure and happiness amongst their loved ones and families.

Developing the Business Abilities of Returnees from Norway

A course in business plan& project development was organized by BIP with cooperation of the Amez organization in order to help develop the abilities of girls in Sulaimaniya. The course took place in the last week of July. It was managed by Govand Shafeeq Tawfeeq and coincided with a special training in the same subject for returnees from Norway to Dohok which was managed by Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir.

The participants included a large number of Returnees from Norway under the IRRINI program. Some had already started their own businesses, and wanted to develop their jobs through our program, while others participated to increase the possibilities of their success. There were also a number of participants from civil society organizations who wanted to develop their skills. There were 7 participants from the IRRINI program, and 4 women. Some came from territories like Kirkuk, Kalar, and Halabja.

BIP covered all costs of hotel, transport and meals for IRRINI participants.
The participants’ projects included an Internet café, Kindergarten, linguistic institute, mineral waters, Taps factory, Printing press, Agricultural project, Transport Company, Shoes Shop, Taxi Company, Accessories Shop, Training Centre, and others.

Meeting with Returnees from Norway in Sulaimaniya!

On Thursday 10/7/2008, BIP met with returnees from Norway under the IRRINI program in cooperation with IOM.

The group that was met consisted of the returnees to the city of Sulaimaniya who returned in the period of 1/3 to 1/7.

The discussions were about the ways of starting special businesses in the region. Some of them expressed their wishes to return to their jobs as government officials, although there are no assignments for the time being. Some of the others who returned earlier talked about how to start their own businesses, and how important is to participate in the courses of BIP which develop their abilities in managing their own businesses. All agreed to participate in the next course of business plan development which will be organized later in Sulaimaniya.

A course of Business Plan Development in Erbil

Another Business Plan Development course was organized by BIP, at its facilities which lie behind Sheraton Hotel, from July 6th to July 15th 2008. There were 12 participants, including one Norwegian returnee from the IRRINI program.

The Norwegian returnee from IRRINI program has already started his own project two months ago, and participated in the course in order to improve his ideas.

Eight of the participants were from the Trade Ministry, and three were ordinary people.

The participants had a variety of business ideas such as setting up a carton factory, a medical laboratory, a fruit farm, a funfair, selling meat, a computer centre, operating a printing press, a Barber Saloon, Cigarettes Shop, and others.

The participants had different opinions about developing the current economic situation in the country, and they responded positively to the course materials with a lot of discussions as well as the pleasure they expressed during the days of the course. The course included many exercises concerning the different materials and topics in the course. Some of them had comments about the foreign examples included in the course as they would prefer them to be local examples.

The participants hoped BIP would continue presenting its courses especially for those who didn't have jobs, and suggested BIP would have to make advertisements about its courses to inform and gather more participants, especially for unemployed people.

Visiting Iraqi Kurdistan Project and IRRINI Returnees.

Norwegian delegation of Business Innovation Programs organized a visit to Erbil's centre in Iraqi Kurdistan region from 13th to 18th April. The delegation consisted of Mr. Jon Steiner and Ms. Giggi Langfeldt.

Many meetings were set up, the first of them was to meet Returnees from Norway to Iraqi Kurdistan in the cities of Sulaimaniya and Erbil. Most of the Returnees were from those who participated in BIP’s courses which were organized in Erbil, and they have their own businesses now.

4 of the Norwegian Returnees were included in IRRINI program for returning the Iraqi refugees from Norway (Voluntarily Returning) with the cooperation of IOM. The IRRINI participants were concerned to know more about the BIP program, and what is possible to do to get through the process of rehabilitating in the home country, to get the chance of a job, and the possibility of taking benefit from the NOK 25,000 granted from Norway. On their arrival to the airport, all the 4 returnees received a sum of $ 1,960.

The delegation also met Mr. Muhammad Raoof Muhammad, the Minister of Trade in Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as had other meetings with IOM in Erbil, Women Empowerment Organization, Public Aid Organization, and Norwegian Aid Organization in Sulaimaniya.

There was also a chance for the delegation to accept an invitation in Shaqlawa from a family whose son was among IIRRINI program.


A group of returnees from Norway have participated in BIP’s course in Business Plan Development. The group included three returnees who are part of the IRRINI agreement. The course of Business Plan development was organized by BIP at its centre in Erbil from 12th May to 21st May. The course was presented by Dr. Hussein F. Tahir, the manager of Business Innovation Programs, and the trainers Omar Karim Ahmed and Govand Shafeeq Tawfeeq.

The returnees from Norway not part of the IRRINI program are still intending to establish their own business and need financial support, while those who returned within the IRRINI program have developed their business plans to take benefit from the financial donation granted by Norway which is about $ 7000-8000.

There was one local participant from a humanitarian organization who took part in the course to become a trainer. The course was aimed at developing the abilities of the participants to establish their own business in order to create new possibilities for the ir futures.

The participants commented on how import the course is after working together and developing their business ideas during the course. Their ideas covered various business ideas such as a Hair Dressing Saloon, Taxi driving, Poultry, Agriculture, mosaic, Cafeteria, Trade office, Business development centre, etc.

The course focused on pinpointing obstacles and how to deal with these so that the business ideas can be fully realized. The participants confirmed the necessity of increasing the availability of such courses to help improve and prepare job chances.

Last day of BPD course organized by BIP - Erbil.
Center: Weria (IOM) surrounded by IRRINI returnees; Mohamad (right) and Qasim (left).

Developing Human Capabilities is the basis of Development and Planning!

A course in business plan development was organized by the Norwegian Organization B.I.P in Erbil on 13th April to 22nd April. The course was held by Dr.Hussein Falamarz Tahir and trainers Omar Karim Ahmed and Govand Shafeeq Tawfeeq.

Different kinds of people from Erbil participated in the course, including returnees from Norway, Government officials, and members of humanitarian organizations. The course aimed at developing the capabilities of the participants to make their own projects that might create new future possibilities. The course also focused on the participants discovering their own capabilities in the form of a project idea. The participants consisted of 2 returnees from Norway, 1 from P.A.W, 2 from Kurdistan region Y&S Ministry, and 10 from Kurdistan region Trade Ministry.

The course revealed great convictions of behalf of the participants about the necessity of studying the business ideas before starting them too early - to avoid losses as far as possible, and to realistically guarantee success. The participants had business ideas concerning the needs and necessities that mainly affect the current situation, such as; a small oil refinery, wheat farm, international transport company, aluminum company, computer programs centre, deer husbandry, mini market, resort, selling construction materials, and cafeteria….etc

The obstacles of achieving success with these projects were pinpointed and need to be addressed by finding proper solutions. The participants expressed the necessity of increasing the number of such courses, for they are really necessary at the moment to provide job chances.

Doctor Alla Wit Wit : My Eyes are on Iraq!

Doctor Alla Wit Wit is an Iraqi with medical abilities who has lived in Norway for many years where he has studied for his degree in Medicine.

Doctor Alla got his medical certificate in Iraq and started developing his practical abilities as soon as he reached Norway. Dr. Alla decided to exploit the years by doing scientific research and developing his qualifications to keep up with current technological developments in the field of medicine. He began studying in the diagnostic examinations field and achieved an M.D from the British Royal University, in addition to a Norwegian Board Degree in the same specialty; F.R.C.R.

Dr. Alla did not hesitate to participate in the social activities organized to medically assist Iraqi people in accordance with his specialty. Doctor Alla interests lie in the possibilities of treating medical cases through diagnostic examinations (CT, MRI & conventional diagnostic examinations) and to help diagnose cases that are submitted either by e-mails or by sending CDs.

Dr Alla does not conceal his wish to return back to his mother country in due time to present the modern sciences he learnt to his countrymen in order to relieve their sufferings. He believes that Iraq would not be built without the hands of efficient Iraqis themselves. And hereby he praises the role of BIP in developing people’s abilities through building bridges between the people outside and the people inside, and to help people returning to his beloved Iraq.


BIP meets with NGOs and government offices.

Believing in the necessity of strengthening its local network of relations, B.I.P has organized many meetings with civil society organizations, and relevant local offices such as:


Meeting Mr.Salman Saada and Mr. Alan. The objective of the meeting was to discuss the possibilities of training returnees from Britain who number about 2500. The subject was discussed in detail, and it was clarified by B.I.P that they could participate in the courses in limited numbers so that there would be equal chances for everyone to participate in BIP's courses as the returnees from Norway have first priority.

Ministry of Commerce & Human Resource Directorate.

Meeting with Mr.Faruk Hussein, Human Resource manger at the Ministry of Commerce in Kurdistan Region. Discussed the possibility of training relevant officials in the ministry in about establishing companies. He explained that there was a long term plan in the ministry for providing necessary loans for realising small projects, and he wished that there could be a permanent cooperation with B.I.P in order to take benefit from its programs. Miss Bayan from the legal organization L.A.I.C. also attended the meeting. .

Right Future Foundation - microcredit

Meeting Miss Ilham Tomah from this organization in Erbil-Ainkawa. The work of this organization is to make available loans, for small projects, that reach $10,000. Miss Ilham emphasized the importance of the courses presented by B.I.P to their work, as there were a lot of loan requests from people who didn't have any idea about establishing projects, and need to participate in courses to do with business development. The cooperation between the two sides will continue to qualify the staff of the project and presenting courses of business plan development for loan applicants

Baghdad Women's Organization

Miss Asra Hassan Abed the chief of Baghdad Women's Assembly has been visited. She is concerned with programs to do with women's culture and special enlightenment education for young people and women on a National level. Focus areas include a program of non violence towards women as well as organizing enlightenment education quality programs for youths. She emphasized that their future programs would be focusing on enlightenment education for youths and woman concerning current situation in Iraq and the importance of their participation. Miss Asra was interested in the programs of B.I.P.

Human Rights Watch

Meeting Mr.Assad Hamid Majeed, the national coordinator of the Iraqi Democratic Institute and member of Human Rights Watch organization in Iraq. Mr. Assad explained that the program "training of trainers" carried out by B.I.P was the most important national issue that should be given more attention because it generates the human energies and works on establishing a strategic construction basis for future Iraq. Mr.Assad also emphasized that organizational working needs people with high skills and abilities in order to deal with modern programs which are necessary to develop the current situation in Iraq.

Planning and Information Directorate, Dohuk

Meeting Engineer Shaban Shareef manager of Planning and Information Directorate in Duhok. Mr. Shaban was one of the participants of our courses in Duhok in August 2007 when he was the manager of the Guide & Information Centre in Duhok. Mr. Shaban emphasizes the importance of the contents of the courses of B.I.P which qualify the participants to be able to think strategically especially in the field of management, and which aim at establishing the basis of business that can be scaled up later without any restriction. Finally Mr. Shaban showed his wish to organize another course for the staff of the directorate.

Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir received by Iraqi Kurdistan Region Minister of Commerce Mr. Muhammad Raoof Muhammad.

Dr.Hussein Falamarz Tahir Manager of Norwegian organisation Business Innovation Programs was met by Iraqi Kurdistan Region Minister of Commerce Mr. Muhammad Raoof Muhammad in his office in Erbil, in the presence of Engineer Faruq Hussein, Manager of Human Resources Development in the ministry. Dr. Hussein presented BIP’s program and informed about the goals of the organization which are aimed at creating long term job opportunities, as well as it organizes courses to enable people to be able to make their own projects’ viable . Dr. Hussein also expressed his desire for the participation of officials and relevant people for developing human resources in the ministry that could benefit from the courses.

Minister Muhammad expressed his satisfaction in the meeting and said that he saw the courses as a chance for the participants to discover themselves by making projects with which they could achieve more than expected. The courses fulfil many objectives through special projects and giving some of the staff a chance to start afresh after they discover doing special projects is a proper way of working. In addition, the courses can assist in the development of human resources in the ministry and boost efficiency.

The Norwegian organization (B.I.P) expressed great respect for the understanding shown by the Minister. The Minister gave his recommendations to Engineer Faruq Hussein to cooperate with BIP in order to put a program for developing the abilities of the staff of the ministry of commerce in Iraqi Kurdistan region Government and Engineer Faruq ensured he would make every endeavour to develop the relation with B.I.P. and to effectively and constantly participate in boosting the performance of the Ministry staff.

The first evening course in Business Plan Development in Erbil 2008

A course in Business Plan Development was organized by B.I.P with the cooperation of the Tamuz Organization in Erbil from 10th to 28th February 2008.

The course was presented by BIP’s manager Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir and Mr. Govand Shafeeq Tawfeek. Both men and women participated in the course. Most of them were university graduates, whilst some were in their last year at university. The course was held as an evening course in accordance with the participants wishes as they are unable to participate in daytime courses.

Before the course, the participants were looking forward to develop their projects and business ideas through participating in this course for business plan development.

The participants had a variety of business ideas, such as: an Internet Café, a supermarket, a Contracting Company, Tile Factory, Dairy, Ghee products, selling electrical devices, stationary and a ranch for raising cattle.

The participants unanimously agreed that this course fitted very well with their ambitions and that they would participate in future courses related to business plan development. They considered such courses as a great incentive to develop their ideas to become real and practical projects. They also admired the content of the course and the way it was presented and what it revealed to help increase the possibility to succeed with business projects.

All the participants emphasized that they had gained great benefit from the course and wished that knowledge about this course could be spread through press and media in order to reach more people, especially the young persons, as it increases the chances for creating jobs and strong companies.

The manager of Business Innovation Programs received by Deputy Governor of Diwaniya for Technical Affairs

BIP’s Manager Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir was received by Engineer Hazim Omran Ablulmahdi the Assistant Governor of Diwaniya for Technical Issues, in the Governorate Centre. The objective of the meeting was for them to become fully acquainted with the activities of B.I.P and understand how to benefit from the courses BIP offer as recommended by the Governor of Diwaniya Mr. Hamid Musa Ahmed. The meeting was also attended by Mr. Talib Almusawi Manager of Y&S Directorate and Mr. Aqeel from the same Directorate.

Mr. Falamarz discussed the activities of B.I.P and BIP’s focus on developing the abilities of individuals to manage businesses and give course participants new skills and information to help develop business strategies for higher performance. He also discussed the activities of the last period when BIP courses have been attended by general managers, headquarter managers, directorates, social development officials, as well as general and special sector officials and managerial supervisors in some cooperative offices and project managing individuals.

At the end of the meeting, Engineer Hazim Omran Abdul Mahdi emphasized the necessity of taking benefit from BIP development programs to get better results, and emphasized the necessity of having B.I.P in the city of Diwaniya to organize courses in business management and in how to develop plans and ideas.

Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir recieved by Assistant governor Engineer Hazim Omran Abdulmahdi and Manager of Y&S directorate Mr. Aqeel

Muhammad Shwany returns to Erbil to begin a new life!

A course in Business Plan Development was organized at the B.I.P centre in Erbil in February 2008. The attendees were a group of people who had business ideas, amongst them were 10 returnees from Norway to Kurdistan including Mr. Muhamad Shwany who had lived in Norway for more than 7 years and returned at the end of 2004.

Muhammad tells his story and emphasizes that he has never seen such a beautiful country like Norway, nor people that respect the law like the Norwegian people do, or how they respect human rights. But he also emphasizes his yearning for Kurdistan.

Norway in the nineties when he got annual asylum and resided in the west of Norway where he worked in factories. Later he transferred to many places and finally settled in Oslo.

Mr. Shwany says that he was always busy working in Norway, but he never forgot his mother country, not for a moment.

Mr. Shwany says that he decided to go back to his county at the end of 2004, and it was good decision, because he established a shop of selling second hand spare parts. At first he was by himself and now he has three workers with him. Mr. Shwany also emphasized that he was very happy for having participated in the B.I.P course which made him think of developing his work, increasing his investment, improving himself in planning and by keeping in touch by being visited by B.I.P.

He added that he was happy after getting married and having two children, thus fulfilling two objectives by forming a family and having a job.

INCOR (Information and Counselling on Return and Repatriation)

INCOR, part of the Norwegian Refugee Council, met Dr. Hussein Tahir, leader of BIP's office in Iraq when was visiting Norway. The article was published in number 3/2007 of "Veien Videre" ("The Road Forward"), a publication that comes out three times a year:

Training for returnees and others returning back.

The article describes how;

BIP started its activities in Baghdad in 2005. In April 2006 BIP established a new office in Erbil in the Kurdish controlled part of Northern Iraq. BIP carries out training and courses in how to establish small businesses in cooperation with local authorities and organisations, and has a broad network.

BIP has given training (at the time of writing) to almost 180 people, of which 41 had returned from Norway. Another 45 had returned from Sweden, the Netherlands and Germany.

The complete article (in Norwegian) can be found here:

“How to establish your own business” in Najaf

A course in “How to establish your own business” was organized, on the hall of Y&S directorate in the city of Najaf, from 9th Feb. to 14th Feb. 2008 by the manager of Business Innovation Programs Dr.Hussein Falamarz Tahir with the assistance of a group of local trainers,Mr. Ali Qasim from Baghdad and Mr. Ahmed Jaber from Najaf. There were two objectives for the course; firstly, training local trainers in how to work and deal with the course materials in order to become future trainers; secondly, enabling young adults to establish their own small projects as well as learn to depend on themselves.

The business ideas the participants presented seemed like an encyclopedia of commercial, industrial, and service activities such as; an Internet Café, a computer workshop, a tailor’s workshop, carpentry, a commercial training centre, a sports school, an English language institute, a driving institute, boutiques, etc.

The participants had a great deal of interest for the course, as it helps to learn from the expertise and knowledge of others. They stated that they could further benefit from consulting, sharing experience or by participating in future courses. Some participants mentioned that the course had given them an incentive to develop their abilities in preplanning projects and the procedures concerning young adults, and hoped that official decision makers would participate in this course and wished it would be repeated again in the city of Najaf.

A course of business Plan Development in Erbil in February 2008

A course of business plan development was organized by Business Innovation Programs in its centre in Erbil on 3rd to 10th February 2008.

The course was presented by Mr. Omar Karim Ahmed and Miss Lajan Nadim Bajalan. There were 15 participants in this course including men and women. Most of the participants were returnees from outside the country, but there were also some local participants who had business ideas that they wanted to develop through participating in courses of business plan development. Besides the 2 local participants, the returnees were 2 from Norway, 4 from Britain, 3 from Germany, 2 from Sweden, 1 from Greece and 1 from Denmark.

The participants had a diversity of business plans like; poultry farming for producing meat and eggs, a design office, cattle husbandry, dairy products, a barber’s salon, a building company, an English language institute, the selling of food stuffs, and for the first time in our developing courses there was an idea of manufacturing a small airplane governed by a remote control.

There were serious discussions about important issues concerning the business ideas. All the participants agreed that the course was a great incentive to transform theoretical ideas in to practical and realistic projects. They considered the style of presentation of the course material is very good and easily enables identification of any weakness that may exist in a project. They all agreed that this course is the most useful course they have ever participated in. They wished these kinds of courses would continue to include more participants as these kinds of course contribute in creating more jobs and they expressed their opinions about that.

Trainer Omar Karim Ahmed and Lajan Bajalan during direct training in business plan development through discussions

A course in “How to establish your own project” for young adults in Karbala.

A course in “How to establish your own project” was organized for young adults in Karbala-Y&S directorate from March 2nd to March 8th 2008. The course was held by the manager of Business Innovation Programs Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir with the assistance of a group of local trainers, Miss Nada Mahdi Hussein from Baghdad and Nibras Muhamad Rada, Siba Hussein, Mahdi Ghazal, Diya Nasser, and Assad Monaf from Karbala.

There were two objectives for the course; firstly, training local trainers in how to work and deal with the materials to become trainers of the future; secondly, enabling young people to establish their own small projects as well as learning to depend on themselves.

A large group of young adults and some other relevant people participated in the course. The number totaled 29 people, 18 of them finished the course. They were all from Karbala and had a diversity of backgrounds, coming with commercial, industial, and service ideas such as; Internet Café, Computer hall, Computer workshop, Motorcycle workshop, Business training centre, Tennis school, English teaching institute, Syrup factory, Fish farming, poultry and other different types of shops. The Participants were very interested in the course content and showed that they really needed the expertise it provides in order to proceed with their lives correctly, and at the same time be able to depend on themselves. Some of them expressed a desire to keep in touch with Business Innovation Programs to make use of consulting and expertise or take part in the future courses.

Some of the young adults mentioned that course had given them a new chance and vision that would have a big impact on their future. Participants who have a special interest in youth affairs asserted that the course had urged them to seek to improve their abilities in preplanning projects and procedures concerning young adults, and wished that they could establish a business training centre for young adults in Karbala.

New year. New opportunities.

Business Innovation Programs (B.I.P) wants to send warm congratulations to all of you on the occasion of the New Year. We hope it will be an effective year after having established a business centre by (B.I.P) during two years of work in 2006, 2007. Our activities are concentrated on training on establishing free businesses for Iraqi people and returnees from Norway by improving the chances for unemployed people by organizing courses to develop their commercial ideas and plans.

Our staff is minimal and limited, but we have a lot of strategic programs and obtain results through cooperation!

Our strategy has been to organize courses and prepare local trainers for future courses. Our centre is rehabilitating all its staff to be trainers in the field of business, as well as preparing local trainers from the Labor Ministry to train business seekers. The centre also is trying to rehabilitate local trainers from Y&S Ministry to train young people in establishing their own businesses.

17 evening and morning courses have been organized until now in Erbil, Kut, Duhok, Nasriya, Sulaimaniya, Baghdad and Karbala, and there will be future courses in other cities.

There were 308 participants in these courses including returnees from Norway and participants from different European countries as well as participants from local officials and ordinary people, including young people.

The main goal of our program is improve the chances of getting work for the unemployed and to make the right basis in establishing businesses and projects.

Every one can participate in our courses provided that he/she has an idea for a small project. Application forms can be obtained from:

Centre of Erbil (behind the Sheraton Hotel) and you can call;


With regards
Dr. Hussein Falamarz Tahir
Manager of (B.I.P)